Finding the perfect gift can be challenging, but United By Thread makes it easy with custom embroidered gifts. Our vintage caps, crew socks, and sweatshirts can all be customised with names, initials and slogans to create one-of-a-kind presents for birthdays, events, celebrations, anniversaries, and more.

Our custom embroidered gifts show you care enough to give something unique, special and meaningful. Our made-to-order custom embroidered gifts add a heartfelt personalisation that mass-produced gifts just can't match. At United By Thread, we use top-quality fabrics and threads, so your custom embroidered gift will become a treasured keepsake and be worn time and time again.


Meaningful - Add a personal touch with custom text that reflects your sentiment or the recipient's interests and personality, creating a truly meaningful gift.

Unique - One-of-a-kind gifts not found in stores, ensuring your present stands out and is treasured for its exclusivity.

High-Quality - Durable fabrics and expertly crafted embroidery for gifts that last, making them a worthwhile investment and a keepsake to cherish.

For Any Occasion - Great for birthdays, events, anniversaries, celebrations, and more, with customisation options to suit any occasion.

Appealing to All - Unisex, made-to-order designs ensure there's something for everyone, from trendy apparel to classic accessories.


Custom Embroidered Gifts FAQ's

Head to our custom embroidery page and select the item you want to personalise. Choose what colour you’d like your item, the thread colour,  size (if applicable) and simply type your desired text! You can view your design before ordering to know what it will look like.

As all of our items are made to order, your custom embroidered gift will not take longer than ordering one of our non-custom items. Our current processing time is one working day, and Free UK nationwide shipping is available with a lead time of 2-4 days. However, you can upgrade at checkout if you’d like next-day delivery. You can also use our delivery estimator tool to determine when your order will arrive!  Please view our shipping and delivery T’s & C’s for information on EU orders.

You can customise and personalise text on our vintage washed caps, crew socks, and sweatshirts, all available in a range of colours, all designs are unisex! Browse all clothing pieces available for embroidery on our website.